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What Plans can you purchase?

Health Insurance Policies are often comprehensive and cover prominent needs in a certain
category. There are a lot of things that can be covered and equally important categories they lie under.

Individual Healthcare Coverage.png

1. Myself

  • Treatment in a standard room with AC.

  • Individual insurance plan is for individuals with the age of above 18 and lower 65 years.

  • Hospital cash benefits

  • Reduced health check-up cost for each claim-free year.

  • All daycare processes are covered.

1family plan coerage.png

2. My Family

  • Affordable health insurance coverage on the floater.

  • 100% increase in the insured sum amount on the claim-free renewal.

  • Benefits include an air ambulance facility and availing another medical opinion.

1senior citizen plan coverage.png

3. Senior Citizen Plan

  • Medical coverage for elderly people over the age of 60 years.

  • Pre-medical screening.

  • Cashless treatment

  • No-Claim bonus on each claim-free year

  • Tax-benefits

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