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Mr. Vasu Vohra​

Navigate the complex world of Health Insurance with optimum ease now!

Vasu Vohra, Your Health Insurance service expert in Dehradun, is there to assist you 24/7


Hello! I'm Vasu Vohra, Director of and your health insurance company in Dehradun to cover all your needs concerning health insurance. 

Are you seeking a solution to access high-quality health diagnoses for your family or business? Are you looking for a top health insurance agent in Dehradun to guide you with a range of healthcare products for individuals or families?

 If yes, you are on the right page! 

Over 12 years, Mr. Vohra has enabled ingenious solutions in steering better-insured health for individuals, families and businesses. Through the  platform, he looks forward to guiding and assisting individuals digitally with the most beneficial policies.His ethos is to enhance customer experience and increase health insurance claims processing efficiency. Customers are free to choose who treats them, as this is a clinical decision and not a commercial one. 

Count on me for FREE advice without obligation. I am your health insurance company in Dehradun, an expert assistant, ensuring you find a healthcare policy that best suits your needs and budget.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Invest in health insurance policy for your family to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from tough times.

Though not all investments do not have to bear good returns, health insurance is not one where there are chances of loss. This kind of investment will always be there for assurance, if not higher returns. The only difference between an actual investment and health insurance is the period when the benefits are redeemed. In the case of a solid investment, there is a fixed period when you will get your returns back. In the case of health insurance, there is no such fixed time, no matter what the period is in 5 years or tomorrow. One day you will need it the most, and you will benefit from that investment that day. 

The catastrophic medical expenses in middle-class families make it easier for them to nullify the extra burden of covering the health conditions of every member. Having someone close to you lose their life due to inadequate finances or unavailability of good medical treatment is not good. Contrary to the standard inflation rate of 6 per cent in India, medical inflation has reached a new high of 12%. When government hospitals are staffed well to take care of a vast population, and private hospitals are there to dig a massive hole in your pockets, top health insurance agents in Dehradun become your life saviour. 

Not only that the best health insurance policy in Dehradun is there to support you in difficult times, but it also acts as a tax-saving component in your income. You get various tax benefits on the premium paid on the health insurance policy. It acts as an intelligent investment to safeguard the insured's interest. 

I am here to educate you, guide you and lead you on your path to investing in health insurance.

Why choose us as your health insurance company in Dehradun

At VVHIX, we heal and grow together. We are not just focused on your medical crisis but also provide expert solutions for financial stability while ensuring that you get the maximum benefits. Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can occur to anyone. It's better to ensure the safety of your life against a premium than to regret it later. 


We help you curate a customizable health plan according to your finances and health needs to attain maximum efficiency.

It will cover not only you but your entire family.


With the best plans that cater to your tax needs, peace of mind and advance you with the latest health care facilities. We are a one-stop destination concerning assisting individuals with better-instructed health.

Sanjay Kumar

Good and timely response for claim settlement. Contrary to the agents who are behind the customer for policies and run away from responsibility when it came to any issue resolution, the response from Vasu Vohra, the top health insurance agent in Dehradun was good, did not have to follow up for claim settlement. He took complete responsibility for getting us easy processing of claim.
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