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Can You Save Money By Getting Health Insurance?

Given the rising costs of medical treatments and expenses, the best health insurance service has become an essential investment in today's time. Yet, a large sum of the Indian population still hasn't purchased insurance plans either for themselves or for their family. Many people are in the dilemma that health insurance is unnecessary, given that you will have to pay premiums every year.

However, the reality is that medical treatment prices have gone as high as 8% since 2021. When purchasing health insurance, you will lower the burden of medical emergencies; health insurance costs can weigh down the wallet. The good thing is that there are some techniques and methods which you can follow to save money while getting major tax deductions when purchasing health insurance products. These tips mentioned in the following article will teach you the best measure for saving money while securing yourself and your family during the claiming process. Read the following to learn more.

Ways Health Insurance Can Save Money

Purchasing Health Insurance At Younger Age

Undoubtedly, getting the best health insurance service at a younger age will help you save enough money on premiums. Moreover, some plans provide discounts on the premium when you purchase the insurance at a young age. For instance, many top health insurance companies in Dehradun offer early bird discounts. When a person buys this insurance till 35 and renews it timely, they will get a 10% discount when they reach the 40th year.

Get Family Floater Plan

If you want to secure your family, investing in the family floater insurance plan is best. Under the cover, every family member will share the coverage equally and pay a single premium. Comparatively, the family floater plan's premium cost will be less than that of the different plans for different family members.

However, if you have senior citizens, it is best to purchase separate insurance for them.

Claiming 80D Deduction On Income Tax

Tax-saving investments are the most effective and evident advantage of getting a health insurance plan. You can save about 25,000 INR on individual insurance premium payments under the Income Tax Act of 80D. If you get a family floater cover, it will allow you to save a whopping 50,000 INR.

Moreover, the senior citizens covered under this insurance plan can opt for tax deductions of about 50,000 INR on the paid premium. If you get the insurance plan for your senior citizen parents, the tax deductions will be as high as INR 75,000.

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Since health is wealth, having the best and healthiest lifestyle will be the best way to reduce care costs. Moreover, with a healthier lifestyle, there will be fewer chances of life-threatening diseases; with this, you will be liable for a less premium on the health insurance plan.


These are some ways the best health insurance service can be cost-effective for you and your family. Consider the best insurance company with years of experience in this field. Vvhix is India's leading health insurance company that offers top-notched insurance services at the most affordable and reasonable rates.

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